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If Batman re-wrote the words to Thrift Shop.

I’m gonna catch some thugs 
Only got batarangs in my pocket 
I’m-I’m-I’m huntin’ 
Lookin’ for the Joker 

This is fucking Gotham. 

Walk up in the cave like “What up, I got a big cock!” 
Nah, just pumped up off some thugs down by the ship docks 
The ice from Freeze is so damn frosty, 
The Penguin be like, “Damn, that’s cold-ass honkey.” 
Rollin in, hella deep, headin’ to the crime scene 
Dressed in all black, ‘cept Robin, up in green. 
Caped in leather wings, Statues standin’ next to me 
Should washed my fingers, they smell like Catwoman’s sheets 
But shit, it made mighty good sense. 
Coppin’ it, knockin’ it, ‘bout to go and stop some thuggin’ shit 
Passin up on those henchmen whose faces i’ve been sockin’ in 
But me and Robin fuck it man 
He’s jumpin’ and boxing and 
Spendin’ my money and he’s hella happy I’m the Batman, bitch 
He’s like, “I’mma take your batsuit style. I’ma take your batsuit stile. 
No for real—-ask the butler—-can I have your hand-me-downs?” 
Question mark suit and some lame riddles 
Black and whie jacket that Dent found diggin’ 
They had some broken fingers, because I broke their fingers 
I knock out Killer Croc and locked up some ‘slingers 
Hello, Hello, my Superman, my fellow 
Bruce Lee ain’t got nothin on my ninja game, hell no 
I could take some Lantern Rings, make ‘em cool, sell those 
The Justice League would be like, “Aw he got Sinestro’s” 

*[Chorus x 2]*

What do you know about rockin’ a cowl on your noggin? 
What you knowin’ about wearin’ a kevlar skin? 
I’m sneaking, I’m sneaking, I’m jumpin’ all the hired thuggage 
Arkham’s trash, that’s another Bat’s come-up 
Thank Oracle for locating a bat-hatin’ up jerk. 
'Cause right now I'm in her network 
I’m at the steel mill, you can find me in the Narrows 
I’m not, I’m not sick of callin’ in that Green Arrow 
Your Harley, Canary, your Ivy, your Tali! 
I’ll take that gymnast little kiddy, orphaned, I rock that motherfucker 
The tanky car with the rockets on that motherfucker 
I hit the Joker and Harley stop in that motherfucker 
They be like, “Oh, that cowl, that’s hella tight.” 
I’m like, “Yo, that’s fifty dollers for a beat down.” 
Painful rendition, let’s do some simple addition 
Fifty dollars and the Batman, that’s just some ignorant bitch (shit) 
I call that getting bruised and bent (shit) 
I call that getting tricked by the Riddler 
That trick’s hella dope 
And having the same one as six other villains in Gotham is a hella don’t 
Perp game, come take a peek through my telescope 
Tryin’ a get girls from Arkham? Clown, you hella won’t. 
Clown you hella won’t. 


*[Bridge x 2]* 
I wear the Batman’s cloak 
I look incredible 
I’m Gotham’s Sentinel 
Stopping Arkham’s criminals 


Is that the bat signal?

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